Sunday, June 18, 2006

Knitting knitting knitting!

Just finished a test knit of a pattern for a felted purse designed by my sis-in-law Lynn (pic below, BEFORE felting)
Working on a pair of cotton toe-up socks in a Sugar and Cream green/blue/yellow colorway (pic below) I also bought the same yarn in a lovely orange/pink/yellow combination.
Also working on my winter hat. Its being done with hand dyed finger-weight alpaca on size '0' needles. I like working small. Good thing, Oscar found the yarn he wants me to make some special socks on. The fiber is a teeny tiny wool/cotton blend in shades of grey by DNC Senso. I'll practice on other kinds of socks before starting, I'd hate to rip this stuff out after getting an inch or two into the project!

I'll also be making some knit bags for sugar gliders, from recycled silk. I tried a few times with the silk alone and with companion yarns, but it was too weak on the one hand, too bulky on the other. I found some lovely strong metallic gold skinny thread I'll be working with this time.

I moved some fabric over into deep storage to make space for yarn... guess its official.. I've got the knitting bug! Its handy, The more I knit the more I forget to eat. I've lost 2 pounds this week, for a total of 12 pounds lost this summer!


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