Saturday, May 20, 2006

On a visit home this week I had a nice time with my nephew Robert.
Dad was giving boxes of some of his 'junk' to my brother Kelly to auction off for the fire fighter's benefit June 1st and allowed us to go through the boxes first. I gathered up several (hook-free) examples of rubbery fishing lures, all sparkly and fun colored, as well as some felt discs meant for muzzle loading 38 caliber pistols. I don't have a muzzle-loading 38 caliber pistol, but the felt will take paint and dye wonderfullywell and look really cool on a collage.

When Robert asked what I wanted with the stuff I'd chosen, I told him I was changing from quilting so much to collaging. He came up with the idea of melting the rubber into odd shapes, and offered to keep his eyes out for shiny odd things I could use in collage. In exchange, on our many trips to library book shops I'll be collecting Dean Koontz books for him. (he also inherited my love of reading :-}
Robert and the Lures


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