Thursday, June 08, 2006

My first sock!!!!

I finished my first sock!!! It is not a thing a beauty, but anything that fits my lump of a foot would not be. It IS warm though, which is more to the point! and I can get it on all by myself! I no longer have to struggle to find enough cat fur to keep my feet warm until somone can come put socks on me :-} No really, I could just cuddle under a blanket, but when I'm on the move in the chair that just doesn't work very well.

I am still working on sock number 2. Also in the works; a hat made on size 0 needles out of fingering weight alpaca in lovley shades of the palest blue, aqua and lavender. I plan to make mittens or a scarf to match.

I also want to make a phone cozy for the phone I need to carry around the house with me.
Something I can hang around my neck.

The pic is of a hat I made from my sis in law's pattern (Button Hat) on


Blogger Lynx said...

dusty, the hat is absolutely gorgeous (naturally). And I am beyond impressed that you knitted a sock: I shouldn't be, because I know you and know that you can make absolutely anything (including flasher costumes, remember East Lansing!) but socks, man socks are just in their own category of "what was I thinking when I started this !?!" And the hat that you are making with size 0 needles.... my arthritis hurts just thinking about those needles! But I look forward to seeing the photos WHEN you get done. (Please note the uncharacteristic optimistic outlook, when not if! I am really trying, with MUCH help from the Goddess, to improve my outlook on life and not be quite so negative all the time.) You make it easy, though, because you are such an awesome person... I love ya hon!!!

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