Tuesday, June 06, 2006


I'm leaving a Quilting cycle. I have a few projects to finish up, to fulfilll previous commitments, then all my quilting material is going into three plastic storage containers int eh corner of the studi. Out will come my paints, and my collage things and some glue and dye and gel medium and whatever else I feel like playing with. Its not just a summer thing. In part its because much of my attention is going toward writing. Also, quilting takes up loads of space, which we can ill-afford in a 843 sq ft home. To keep my hands busy when I'm not writing or collaging or painting, I will knit. I've gained enough skills to start a sock which excites me no end! (Thanks in large part to my sis-in-law Lynn, of colorjoy.com) I'm pretty certain I will eventually get the itch to quilt again, but in the meantime, all that lovely fabric will wait patiently, while I explore other media and get a book or three finished.


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