Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Quiltling and stretching my wings

After I finish packging things for shipment (see my Otterwise blog) I plan to make a list of all quilting commitments I've got for the next few months, and put together kits for each project. I'm involved in a swap called "She Who Gets What She Wants" where each of us is assigned a month wherein we can ask for a specific type of quilt block. I chose Dragons, and I think I've got almost all of my blocks. Others chose Goddesses, or a specific colorway or quilt block. I thinkI still have half the months to go, and I want to get organized and get them out of the way. I'm not late yet, but I want to be done with the commitment so I can concentrate on other things.

Then there are the quilts for three of my neices. My eldest neice, Amanda, is moving here from the Baton Rouge area and I'd love to have her quilt and her sisters' quilts ready the next time I see them.

I have an exciting art adventure coming. One of my friends who enjoys exploring other forms of art is going to participate in an art exchange with me! I love her stuff, she has a beautiful spirit that shines through.. (see the link to Ysabeau's blog to the right). I want to clear the decks so I can move on from quilting for a while. I may come back to it this winter, but I want to stretch my wings, and I think I'll mostly be doing art quilts from this point forward.
The photos are some of the blocks I've made for swaps this year.


Blogger Joyce Livingston--a true romantic at heart! said...

Hi, Diana...I see you are a quilter. You might want to check out my blog: www.joycelivingston.blogspot.com Yesterday, I began posting a quilt block a day, and will be posting them daily for the next several weeks. Also, you might pass this word on to others. Up until I began to be published in inspirational romance fiction, I traveled the country lecturing and teaching on quilting, and I've had numerous articles in quilting and craft magazines. By the way, I love your pics. PRETTY!

Joyce Livingston, author
My lastest book, THE WIDOWS' CLUB, a women's fiction novel is on stores now.

8:02 AM  
Blogger Diana Troldahl said...

Thanks Joyce! I've passed on the info to the online quilting group I'm part of :-}

3:48 PM  

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