Saturday, June 03, 2006

Ewe-nique Yarns and Wristwarmer Compliments

A friend saw the wristwarmers I made a while back and asked if I could make some for her. Because we were driving to Brighton to visit with my mom-in-law, Oscar suggested I find a yarn shop there to buy the yarn for the project. I found a lovely place called Ewe-nique Yarns, right on the main drag, and after a luscious long time looking at EVERYTHING before making up my mind (With Oscar not even minding the wait! I love him!) I found the perfect yarn. Is from Plmouth Yarn's Jelly Beenz collection. Not too expensive, but the perfect colors and weight. Of course I had to buy the size 8 Bamboo Double Pointed needles too. It was in worsted weight, so the first one knit up just slightly faster than the ittty bitty yarn I used for me ;-} It took less than a day to complete #1, and I'm working steadily on #2. Her hands are a little bigger than mine, so it looks large on me.


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