Sunday, September 03, 2006

Turkish Socks!

I spent some time a few weeks ago working with one of Lynn's (Colorjoy) patterns. It's based on a traditional Turkish sock. In fact, if you delete the intriging slip stitch pattern she has running up the center front, it is a traditional pattern. She has some museum-quality samples that she talks about HERE . Fascinating stuff, and gorgeous examples of colorwork and texture. Me? I decided to make a pair for a friend in California, out of Jaeger Baby Merino in a blue-green-yellow hand dyed colorway. (image below) I've heard these are very comfortable socks to wear, but I am worried about the seam where I pick up the heel flap rubbing inside a shoe. They would be perfect for wear with sandals or Birkenstocks, though. I have another pair planned using a more current sock pattern (toe up or toe down? that is the question), usinga DK weight Blue Moon/Socks That Rock Turqouise that I picked up at Rae's Yarn Boutique. I want to make a second pair for my California Pal, that she can wear inside shoes :-}. Bonus: There will be enough left over to make a pair of socks for me alternating stripes of each yarn :-}
The socks are my part of an exchange of gifts. She designed and made a GLORIOUS Ocean-themed bag that is perfect for me to wear in front of me when I'm using the wheelchair. Becasue of my 'widow's hump' it is awkward and almost impossible for me to reach around and get a bag hanging from the handles behind my back. As the pool opens again next week, It will get its first outing. I can hardly wait! I'll have Oscar take a photo for a later entry. This bag is so beautiful, and has so many cunning pockets to put my stuff in!


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Diana, I am trying to learn how to knit. I mean, I crochet, and I have the knit/perle down, but anything more than a rectangle is beyond me at the moment. I envy your skill!

(heheh, work verification: bivly.)

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