Wednesday, July 12, 2006

First Hand Done Dye Job

I'm making another kitty pi freom this pattern KITTY PI (yes, another one, two more to go and I'm done) and ordered some yellow yarn especially for Geisha. She's a lovely older feline residing at House Bonsai, who loves to lick men's beards. Anyway, She loves warm colors it seems and the color I ordered just isn't up to snuff, a bit too browny.
So I decided to do a bit of reasearch and dye my own. I have some Procion MX that has been sitting waiting patiently for me. So I mixed up a vinegar dye bath and proceeded. I did a mottled orange first, and LOVED the subtle shades of red-orange-yellow-pink. Then used just a bit of the leftover solution and added more yellow to make the sunshiney yellow yarn.

I'm hooked. I know the mottling is a sign of inexperience, but I confess I adore the effects. I'll post a pic of the finished felted project later, but here are the skeins while they were drying.


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