Sunday, July 16, 2006

Package deal

I'm doing something unusual for me. Usually I will make SOME adjustment to a pattern, whether it be changing yarn or adding a few stitches here and there (except when I'm doing a test knit for someone writing a pattern, of course) but recently I bought yarn, then downloaded a pattern specifically FOR that yarn and will be following the pattern exactly, with the same color of yarn shown and everything. I love the color, so that's reason enough not to change. I've never done lace before, at least not the old fashioned kind of knitted lace (I've done tons of crochet and sufficient drop stitch types in knitting) And the pattern seems challenging enough that I might do best to follow along!

I'm making the candle flame shawl shown here on Knit Picks
using their suggsted shimmer yarn (what's not to like about silk and baby alpaca?)


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