Monday, September 04, 2006

Mo' Hair SHawl

Man this was fuzzy stuff. (Colinette's mohair in Kingfisher) Here's a preview pic of the fabric of shawl when it was in progress. I have more photos I've yet to unload from the camera, and I'll ask Oscar to take a photo of me wearing it. It ended up LOOOOOOONG! Almost knee length! Its off to Threadbear's yarn shop in Lansing on Tuesday.
Near as I can figure, it took me more than twice as long to knit the mohair, because of its fuzziness :-} But it was LUSCIOUS knitting. I am finishing up a task for Rae, then I will begin making long overdue quilt blocks for a swap I committed ot a while back.


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All of my favourite colours in this !! Beautiful !

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