Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Until I started knitting, I wouldn't have guessed I was a perfectionist in any area of my life. The first pair of ocean socks was within 1/2 of a sock of being done, and they were just toooo big, and too loosely knitted to be useful (in my opinion) so I frogged them. I made them large around and medium in length, but my foot fit inside with room all around, and an extra inch and a half in the heel section when my foot wasn't even all the way to the toes. Not certian what the problem was as my swatch matched the guage ok but I'm redoing them in small. I've gotten past the toe section on the new start and stretched them slightly to check the size, and I think they will fit fine. Evidently the sizes listed were unstretched sizes. They would have done well for socks to wear OVER other socks, or as slippers, but would not have fit snugly to even my chunky feet. Since my friend lives in southern California, the over socks wouldn't have gotten a lot of use :-} And you know what? Re-doing them is so much less painful than finishing them and sending them on as they were, would have been.


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Picky, picky, picky! You know I'd love them for slippers, in fact I planned on wearing them for those special times I have to put my ankles up, so please don't worry at all, my friend, whatever you do will be super special and fine. I want to be careful with them because I want them to last a long time. B*B, Ysabeau in California

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