Sunday, July 02, 2006


I'm getting more and more anxious for SSD to come. The money is good, but what the money will allow me to do is better. Ebay takes up so much energy and time, that I find the blog is about all my brain can handle writing these days.
Without ebay, or with only 10 or so auctions a week, And with a place I can sit comfortably for longer periods with my feet up, I can write. I have three separate stories going (book length) Sometimes when I wake up I rush to jot down new ideas, but after about 30 minutes of typing, my feet and belly begin to throb and the path to the words seems to fade.

I can take pain meds and grit my teeth and do ebay auctions, but I can't seem to concentrate or pin down the storylines when I'm takign the vicodin. The recliner will make all the difference. That and the time.. I already bought a laptop with my ebay earnings :-}

ANd I just finished a massive Ebay week (95 auctions) so the recliner is coming soon!!!!!

Until the SSD comes, I still need to do ebay to help pay expenses. I am grateful I CAN contribute, but some weeks are harder than others.

So.. IN the meantime I'll blog and write notes on the stories, and keep checking the mail.

THe hearing was in October 2005... it shouldn't be too much longer before we hear the verdict, I hope.


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