Sunday, May 14, 2006

Kitchen Witch

I feel less than creative this month, I've been concentrating my store of energy on making some extra cash on Ebay, and have put almost everything else aside. (well, I guess cooking is creative, and I've been doing a little of that)

For the next few weeks, I'll blog about a few things I created in the past few years, to cheer myself up, and know that I will be creative again.

First, a poem that got published in Sagewoman.

Kitchen Witch
Copyright Diana Troldahl 2004

A pinch to the pot, a baste to the roast
My magic will nudge at your elbow when needed
I'll try and help keep you from burning the toast
No bad luck can enter today.

My legs are clasped tight 'round the stick of my broom.
I swoop and swirl gleefully, laughing out challenge
The tight-knotted straw sweeps away any gloom
No sorrow can enter today

This is my realm, the heart of your home
My twinkling black eyes seek out every corner
Your heart can be light, your feet free to roam
No evil can enter today.


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