Sunday, April 30, 2006

Contemplating Collage

My brother Kelly Miller is Fire Chief for the small town of Quincy, Michigan (it has a volunteer fire department). On June 1st, the department is holding an auction to raise money to pay for operating costs for the coming year.

I promised to see what I could produce, for them to auction off.

I'm thinking I want to do a few framed collages, based on really good quotes (for fire fighters). This means gathering images and spending about a week assembling and varnishing, and allowing drying time before framing them up for sale.

Of course right now I'm eEbaying my head off to help pay for a new computer for Oscar, but I hope to take about a week (beginning the 15th) to work exclusively on this project.

I am extremely proud of my brother, and this is one way I can show it.


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